Aging and Erectile Dysfunction

June 27, 2011

Men who lead normal sex lives may notice that over time sex drive and their libido may start to decrease. This is only natural and it actually happens faster in men then in women. Some people may theorize this is because men are so top heavy during teenage years with their hormones and then become less focused on sexual performance with age. Whatever the case is, as you get older, things start to change. It is normal for your body to feel like this and the aging process happens to everyone.

You can resist this process however and beat your bodies signals that lower male libido. Many men are discovering natural enhancement pills that are turning things are so that pleasurable sex can be enjoyed as if they were young again. One of the main issues that men run into with age is erectile dysfunction. If you want to see some numbers, about 30 million men deal with some degree of erectile dysfunction every year. The scientific definition of this just means the inability to get and hold an erection. Some factors that lead to this can include physical problems and sicknesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, nerve problems, obesity, and mental blockers.

If your male and start to feel like erectile dysfunction is taking you down, check out these symptoms:

  • Losing interest in sex
  • Smaller erections that are less hard
  • Erections don’t last as long
  • Decrease in the urge to be intimate
  • Have sex less
Keep in mind that if you fail at an erection once or twice, this doesn’t mean that your suffering from erectile dysfunction and it is probably caused form how your body is feeling that day or something uncontrollable.
One way to test your penis out and see if there is a sever problem or not is to get some blood tests, have an ultrasound, or a dye test to figure out how your penis reacts when stimulation occurs. Other things you want to look at is your psychological state. For example, you may be feeling anxiety, guilt, stress, or depression which may all lead to low sex drive.
How To Help This Problem
Many doctors will want to give you pills that force your body into getting erections easier. This may be Viagra or Cialis, which put more nitric oxide into your blood. Additionally, surgeries might be the way to go for youif you want implants that make erections. One enhancement solution that many men don’t think about is natural herbs.
Natural enhancement pills like Male Extra and Extenze have been helping many men have better erections that are longer and harder without having to spend tons of money on prescription medication, have surgery, or deal with unwanted Side effects.

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